Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 11: My Last Full Day in Sucre

Today was probably the most unproductive day I have had since I’ve been in Bolivia.  Nick and Susan were off handling business long before I woke up, so I slept in until nearly 9:00am.  I was feeling particularly lazy today.  I even went to breakfast in my sweatpants, which was probably frowned upon by some, but I wasn’t really doing anything today, so why rush my morning?

I went to breakfast, then came back to my room.  I convinced myself to put on real clothes and go out and explore a bit more on my last full day in Sucre.  So I stopped at the front desk and arranged my cab for tomorrow morning to the airport and went to SAS (the supermercado) to change a few more US dollars into Bolivianos.  Then off I went!  I walked around the plaza a bit, then through the markets once more.  I picked up a few more souvenirs for folks back home, then headed back to the hotel for lunch.

What I really wanted for lunch was tomato soup and grilled cheese.  Which I ordered, because both of those items are on the menu.  They were out of tomato soup, so I settled for cream of mushroom, which was way more cream than mushroom.  It was a pretty decent meal.

The afternoon was when I became really lazy.  I was planning to work on a paper, but the weather was just so nice that I couldn’t force myself to do it.  So, I sat up on the terrace and read a book.  Simple as that.  This was my last real day in Bolivia before I begin to travel, so I wanted to relax and enjoy the sights around me.

I had dinner at the hotel again, which for some reason was less impressive than lunch.  Once again, I had cream of mushroom soup, and a veggie omelet.  The soup was alright, with the same cream-to-mushroom ratio as at lunch.  The veggie omelet was…different.  Very much like my pasta primavera the night before, it had what appeared to be frozen mixed vegetables in it.  It was alright, but I probably wouldn’t order it again.

So tomorrow I begin my journey back to the US.  I leave Sucre in the morning and fly to Santa Cruz, where I will spend the night before continuing on to (eventually) Pittsburgh.  The soil is ready to go so I can get it to the exporter in Santa Cruz tomorrow and I am mostly packed.

Last night in Sucre…it sure did sneak up on me…

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